Reflexology for Babies, Children & Teenagers

Reflexology is an effective and non invasive treatment for babies, children and teenagers.

Benefits for children include:

  • Calming, soothing & reassuring especially when feeling anxious as it releases serotonin and reduces cortisol
  • Helps to boost their immune system
  • Relief from digestive discomfort including constipation
  • Relief from growing pains
  • Can improve circulation and help promote good quality sleep
  • Promotes balance and harmony

Added benefits for Teenagers include:

  • Improves concentration for school and study
  • Promotes self confidence and self esteem
  • Helps to balance teenage hormones during puberty
  • A fantastic de-stress option for difficult times such as exam times
  • Helps to combat ailments such as headaches, stomach aches, earache and constipation

Baby Reflexology Classes

Supporting your babies’ health and wellbeing with Reflexology – a safe and natural therapy

Learn simple yet hugely beneficial techniques in a supportive environment to use at home or anytime, anywhere!

Meet and connect with other parents and caregivers and chat about all things related to children and parenting.

Benefits of Baby Reflexology

  • Relief from Colic, Reflux, Wind and Constipation
  • Boosting and strengthening the immune system
  • Encouraging better sleep patterns
  • Easing teething pains anxiety and poor appetite
  • Promotes bonding between Baby and Parent
  • Comforting for Mum and Baby after a traumatic birth

Colourful easy to read charts, notes and reflexology oils are provided.

Classes are suitable from birth to precrawlers and are fun, relaxed & informative!

Location: McAuley Place, Naas, Co. Kildare 

Starts Thursdays in January for 4 weeks 10.00am – 11.00am

Cost: 100 euro*

Private Baby Reflexology sessions also available. These are 1 hour duration and will include a consultation and specialised treatment plan for your baby. I will work on your baby and show you how to replicate the routine at home. Handouts, charts & reflexology oil provided for you to take with you. 
Cost 60 euro*

Email: or Call: 085 1868718 to book your place.

*You may be covered by your private health insurance depending on your level of cover